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    Client: Tibia 8.6 | IP Address: Feba.mine.nu | Server port: 7171

    Status: Online
    Players: 21 Online 60 Afk/1000
    Contact: skeyba@gmail.com
    Check our Premiera server - http://premiera.mine.nu/
    Welcome to Feba.mine.nu .:WAR:.
    Last joined us: Bendtner. Welcome and wish you a nice game!
    Currently, the best player on the server is: Proton (459). Congratulations!
    Server motd: Welcome to Feba.mine.nu !World Of War!
    Free Houses: 1124
    18 Apr 2014 - Events:
    Some Events on Feba:

    Author - Feba.mine.nu

    28 Mar 2014 - Server is online!
    Feba.mine.nu is ONLINE!
    Every account received 50 premium points for free!

    Author - Feba.mine.nu

    23 Mar 2014 - Double Experience Day !

    Today is official double experience day!

    Dzisiaj jest oficjalny dzień podwójnego expa!

    Author - Feba.mine.nu

    19 Mar 2014 - Lets do Gengia Hardcour Quest!
    Today there is no lvl door limit to enter Gengia Hardcour Quest!
    One of the rewards is a key to Green Town!

    Dzisiaj nie ma limitu lvla do zrobienia Gengia Hardcour Questa!
    Jedną z nagród jest klucz do Green Town!


    Author - Feba.mine.nu

    18 Mar 2014 - Feba.mine.nu great popularity !
    Players online records on Feba.mine.nu .:WAR:. 1047Players 16/03/2014, 21:09:35

    Thank you for that great popularity Feba.mine.nu World. In that fact please be online all 150+lvl characters TODAY at 20:00 Server time (polish) - there is waiting a present!

    Dziękujemy za tak wielką popularność serwera Feba.mine.nu. Z uwagi na ten fakt prosimy wszystkich którzy osiągneli 150+lvl o bycie online dzisiaj o 20:00 - czekać będzie na was prezent!

    Author - Feba.mine.nu

    16 Mar 2014 - Night update
    This night was an update on Feba.mine.nu :
    -changed SD atk
    -changed paladin atk
    -changed Dragon Lord spawn on vip town
    -fixed some map bugs
    -fixed corpse loot owner
    -and more...

    if its necessary, you can expect more changes in professions atk and def.

    Author - Feba.mine.nu

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